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[audio]11X1 T14 08 mathematical induction 1 (2010) - Nigel Simmons
How to induce a solution
Keywords: induction; series
Downloads: 186
[audio]11X1 T08 05 t results (2013) - Nigel Simmons
t-results could be called the half-angle results
Keywords: t results
Downloads: 15
[audio]11X1 T10 01 definitions - Nigel Simmons
Looking at number patterne, and in particular arithmetic series.
Keywords: series; arithmetic series
Downloads: 217
[audio]11X1 T06 06 transversals - NIgel Simmons
Transversals will always cut parallel lines in the same ratio
Keywords: geometry; transversals
Downloads: 275
[audio]11X1 T02 01 real numbers (2011) - Nigel Simmons
Real numbers and som eof their characteristics
Keywords: real numbesr
Downloads: 145
[audio]X2 T01 09 geometrical representation (2011) - Nigel Simmons
Using vectors to manipulate complex numbers
Keywords: complex numbers; vector
Downloads: 426
[audio]X2 T08 02 induction (2012) - Nigel Simmons
Another favourite is induction
Keywords: induction
Downloads: 15
[audio]11X1 T16 05 volumes (2013) - Nigel Simmons
Finding the volume of solids with circular cross-sections.
Keywords: integration; volume
Downloads: 3
[audio]X2 T07 02 basic features - Nigel Simmons
Recognising curves using their basic features
Keywords: curve sketching
Downloads: 12
[audio]11X1 T01 03 factorising (2012) - Nigel Simmons
Techniques for factorising
Keywords: algebra; factorising
Downloads: 14
[audio]X2 T01 04 mod arg relations - Nigel Simmons
Some rules that allow us to multiply/divide complex numbers in mod arg form.
Keywords: complex numbers; mod arg form
Downloads: 137
[audio]11X1 T10 10 mathematical induction 3 - Nigel Simmons
Induction problems involving inequalities
Keywords: induction; inequalities
Downloads: 174
[audio]X2 T05 05 trig substitutions (2010) - Nigel Simmons
Integrals that involve square roots of quadratics can be simplified via a trig substitution.
Keywords: integration; trig
Downloads: 213
[audio]11X1 T12 05 curve sketching (2012) - Nigel Simmons
Putting it all together into one curve sketching menu
Keywords: calculus; curve sketching
Downloads: 18
[audio]X2 T05 07 qudratic denominators - Nigel Simmons
The integration of polynomial fractions with quadratic denominators
Keywords: integration; quadratic denominators
Downloads: 364
[audio]X2 T04 02 trig integrals (2013) - Nigel Simmons
Approaches to solving integrals involving trig functions
Keywords: integration
Downloads: 17
[audio]12X1 T07 03 projectile motion - Nigel Simmons
Investigating projectile motion by considering the horizontal and vertical components of the motion.
Keywords: dynamics; projectile motion
Downloads: 372
[audio]11X1 T11 05 tangents & normals I (2010) - Nigel Simmons
Finding the equation of tangents and normals to the parabola, and important points involving these lines.
Keywords: parametrics; parabola; tangent; normal
Downloads: 5
[audio]X2 T06 06 banked curves (2013) - Nigel Simmons
Circular motion around a banked curve is very similar to the conical pendulum
Keywords: banked curve; motion
Downloads: 11
[audio]03 Integrating Exponentials (2014) - Nigel Simmons
No we look at integrating exponentials
Keywords: integration; exponentials
Downloads: 4
[audio]X2 T01 03 argand diagram (2013) - Nigel Simmons
Placing complex numbers on a diagram
Keywords: complex numbers; argand diagram
Downloads: 15
[audio]12X1 T09 07 arrangements in a circle (2010) - Nigel Simmons
How do the arrangements change when arranging in a circle?
Keywords: permutation
Downloads: 365
[audio]X2 T07 07 miscellaneous dynamics questions - Nigel Simmons
a variety of dynamics questions
Keywords: dynamics
Downloads: 175
[audio]X2 T04 04 reduction formula (2011) - Nigel Simmons
Reduction formulas can be used to simplify integrals
Keywords: integration; reduction
Downloads: 214
[audio]11X1 T03 02 sketching polynomials (2013) - Nigel Simmons
How to work out the key features of a polynomial
Keywords: functions; curve sketching
Downloads: 20
[audio]11X1 T17 06 derivative times function - Nigel Simmons
The reverse chain rule
Keywords: integration
Downloads: 283
[audio]12X1 T02 02 integrating exponentials (2012) - Nigel Simmons
Finding the integral of exponential functions.
Keywords: exponentials; integration
Downloads: 12
[audio]11X1 T03 01 inequations & inequalities (2013) - Nigel Simmons
Three diferent levels of inequality questions
Keywords: inequations
Downloads: 24
[audio]11X1 T16 01 area under a curve (2012) - Nigel Simmons
Finding the area under a curve
Keywords: integration; area
Downloads: 16
[audio]11X1 T14 07 approximations - Nigel Simmons
How to find areas when the integral is difficult to find.
Keywords: integration; areas; approximations
Downloads: 131
[audio]12X1 T05 01 inverse functions (2010) - Nigel Simmons
Finding the inverse of functions as well as restricting the domain of fnctions so that an inverse may be found.
Keywords: inverse trig; inverse functions
Downloads: 230
[audio]X2 T03 04 parameters, hyperbola - Nigel Simmons
Looking at the parametric form of the hyperbola and finding tangents and normals.
Keywords: conics; parameters; hyperbola
Downloads: 280
[audio]11X1 T01 05 cubics (2011) - Nigel Simmons
Investigating cubic expansions.
Keywords: cubic
Downloads: 75
[audio]12X1 T02 01 differentiating exponentials (2012) - Nigel Simmons
How to differentiate the exponential function.
Keywords: exponential; differentiate
Downloads: 16
[audio]11X1 T02 01 real numbers (2013) - Nigel Simmons
Working with real numbers
Keywords: real numbers
Downloads: 22
[audio]12X1 general binomial (2012) - Nigel Simmons
generalising the theorem
Keywords: binomial
Downloads: 13
[audio]11X1 T12 05 curve sketching (2013) - Nigel Simmons
Creating a curve sketching menu
Keywords: curve sketching
Downloads: 18
[audio]11X1 T04 02 angles of any magnitude - Nigel Simmons
Right angle triangles can only contain acute angles, so we need another way of calculating trig ratios for obtuse and reflex angles.
Keywords: trigonometry; angles of any magnitude
Downloads: 260
[audio]11X1 T11 01 locus (2010) - Nigel Simmons
Looking at both the algebraic and the geometrical way of describing curves.
Keywords: locus
Downloads: 59
[audio]11X1 T04 02 angles of any magnitude (2013) - Nigel Simmons
What happens if angles are greater than 90 degrees?
Keywords: trigonometry
Downloads: 19
[audio]11X1 T03 06 asymptotes - Nigel Simmons
Hoe to look at the equation of a polynomial based function and discover the key features, including asymptotes.
Keywords: asymptotes; functions; curve sketching
Downloads: 183
[audio]X2 T03 01 ellipse (2012) - Nigel Simmons
Defining conics and the ellipse
Keywords: ellipse; conics
Downloads: 19
[audio]11X1 T14 04 sums of a sequence (2013) - Nigel Simmons
Introducing sigma notation
Keywords: series; sum
Downloads: 8
[audio]X2 T03 03 parameters, ellipse (2011) - Nigel Simmons
The parametric form of the ellipse
Keywords: ellipse; parameters
Downloads: 240
[audio]X2 T10 03 addition, subtraction, multiplication, division (2012) - Nigel Simmons
Dealing with functions made up of other functions
Keywords: curve sketching
Downloads: 41
[audio]12X1 T05 02 inverse trig functions (2010) - Nigel Simmons
Restricting the domain of thetrig functions so that the inverse trig functions can be found
Keywords: inverse trig; inverse functions
Downloads: 263
[audio]11X1 T14 07 sum & difference of powers (2013) - Nigel Simmons
Generalising a factorisation
Keywords: factorising
Downloads: 7
[audio]11X1 T13 04 converse theorems (2010) - Nigel Simmons
Using the circle theorems in reverse to prove points re concyclic.
Keywords: euclidean geometry; circles; converse theorems
Downloads: 186
[audio]11X1 T03 01 inequations & inequalities (2011) - Nigel Simmons
Three levels of questions involving inequalities
Keywords: inequalities
Downloads: 202
[audio]11X1 T12 03 parametric coordinates (2011) - Nigel Simmons
An alternative way of describing curves
Keywords: parametrics
Downloads: 7
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